Jean-Wilfrid Le Bec
my tiny website

Hello, dear visitor.
The first goal of this site is not to promote JWLB, even if I hope it does. This site is there to offer me all the excitement of web technologies... For the time being, pages are static. Next step will be to display dynamic ones with JS and Python and PostgreSQL features. A full LAPP set-up, that's the final target.
So first release is a pure HTML/CSS work with a bit of JS tricks. Second one will integrate user interactions. And the third one will use Drupal or any kind of framework. I am actually thinking about Karrigell...

Sections below tell you who I am. They are not subjected to change drastically.

Content & Publish

Indesign, STEP, XML, styles, fonts, catalog and folder pages...
This is currently my domain of activities. For already 5 years, I deal with Data Management. This "new" activity drove me to design this web site and it lead me to web technologies. Great adventure to be honest.

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ERP & Finance

A cloud of words would contain : ERP, BaaN, bookkeeping, Activity Based Costing, Project management, PL/SQL, Oracle, margin control...
This is my previous domain of expertise. To sum it up, this know-how is related to company back-office. My experience covers all main business processes with a great focus on financial issues. So here is a list of what I did.

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Skills & Education

My backgroud

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